Advanced Safety Features

At Momentum, we don’t believe that safety should be an option for your fleet. That’s why our advanced safety technology comes standard.

We’ve built these state-of-the-art safety features right into our designs with drivers and technicians in mind.

Safety Is Not An Option

With Momentum Fuel Technologies, safety is built into every system. Our standard safety features were developed with both drivers and technicians in mind.

Comprehensive Pressure Relief Devices Array (PRDs) Increase Safety

Our comprehensive PRD-array will quickly vent the fuel out of the system in the event of fire or other emergency. The vent tubes include weatherproof caps to protect the system from environmental elements that could block the vents.

Quarter-Turn Ball Valves

With conventional circular handles, you can’t tell if the tank valve is open or closed. Our systems feature quarter-turn ball valve handles on each tank to easily determine when the valve is closed and gas flow is stopped.

Color Coded High-Pressure Lines

It is important for both technicians and drivers to easily identify high pressure lines. Our high-pressure fuel lines are yellow and our PRD supply lines are red to indicate a live channel that is always under pressure.

Additional Features Enhance Road Safety

A standard fuel door safety monitoring system prevents the engine from starting if the door is ajar. And optional load lights and rear camera improve visibility and make hitching easier.